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Linda Merrion
They define our world and give meaning to our lives. We all experience more satisfaction and energy when our relationships with those we love and whom we work are harmonious.

But when relationships become difficult, it's time to seek assistance. Most problems can be improved by working with a therapist who can teach you new skills. The therapist acts as a coach. By drawing along side, listening attentively, giving encouragement, providing a safe, supportive environment, you will gain knowledge, wisdom, and insight that will improve your situation.

As founder and owner of Family Counseling Associates, I applaud your desire to seek assistance. Finding individual, marital or family therapy can be a daunting task. I hope I can help make it easier for you. I am dually licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor (#1729) and a Marriage and Family Therapist (#757). I offer therapy services for individuals, couples, marriages, and families. I would appreciate the opportunity to help you.

My areas of specialty include: couples and marital therapy, infidelity, affair recovery, intimacy, sexual abuse recovery, adolescent and teen issues, parenting, grief and loss, post traumatic stress disorder and career assesment utilizing The Highlands Ability Battery.

For a no obligation confidential consultation, please call 770-641-7720 x 1 or e-mail me at